Bet, Sweat, and Forget.

Each week during the NFL season, Ryan Brill and Nick Miller make $50 worth of NFL bets on the Bet, Sweat, and Forget podcast, competing for glory and the title of “best bettor”. Check out the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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Are Ryan Brill and Nick Miller better at sports betting than a monkey?

**Colin Cowherd’s 2020 Blazin’ 5 cumulative profit is calculated by placing $10 on each of his 5 weekly NFL pointspread bets, using a -110 moneyline for each bet. Colin’s final record for the 2020 NFL season is 40-42-2, which in our scheme translates to a final profit of -$56.36, agreeing with the above graph. The math behind this is:

(40 * 100/110 - 42)*10
[1] -56.36364