What is calhat?

You’re wrong. calhat is not a what. It is not merely a tangible object. Rather, calhat is a lifestyle; it is a community of people unified under one principle: calhat.

As you can tell by our suave cursive font, calhat connects letters. Specifically, we unite two grand ideas: Cal, the university we know and love, and hat, our favorite accessory. When you wear a calhat, everyone will unambiguously know that you love Cal, and that you are wearing a hat. Moreover, calhat connects people. When you wear a calhat with your friend, walking down the street in Berkeley, you can be sure that you two are on the same page. Beyond this, you two become a fortress, an intrepid bastion, ready to tackle any obstacle. Thus, it is the connection between the “l” and the “h”, right in the middle of our calhat logo, that provides the crux of what we are about: calhat connects letters and people.

Please enjoy some of calhat’s favorite Instagram posts: